How to host a fun house party

It’s one thing to host a house party, but to host an epic house party-- that takes refined skills. Lucky for you, our hosting tips and tricks make it easy to throw a fun house party for adults. Follow these simple hosing tips and your get-together will be the party of the year (or at least the talk of the town for a few solid weeks).

1. Mingle 

The definition of "host" quite literally means: "a person who receives or entertains other people as guests." And ironically, it's often overlooked.  Whether they’re your best friends or new acquaintances, the key to throwing a good house party is moving around your space to wine, dine, and chat with guests. Focus on making connections and spending time with others rather than worrying about throwing a perfect party.

    2. Plan ahead 

      Hosting a good party starts and ends with planning. Creating a make-ahead menu can take the stress out of pre-party prep. Head over to Pinterest to find make-ahead recipes that you prepare in advance. This goes for drinks too, of course! Make punches or cocktails that can be made in bulk so you can spend less time mixing and more time socializing. Which brings us to our next hosting tip...


          3. Make what you know
            From food to cocktails, when you're hosting a get-together it's best to stick to the basics. It is not a good time to try a new recipe. I repeat: it is not a good time to try a new recipe. Save culinary exploration for Saturday afternoon when you don’t have any critics--ah-hem-- guests to impress.

                4. Ask for help

                   You may want to make it seem like you’ve got it all together but who are you fooling? This is real life, not an Instagram filter and we are here to tell you that just because you are throwing a party doesn't mean you have to carry all the weight. Ask friends bring snacks, desert, or their favorite bottle of vino. I little help goes a long way. 


                    5. Play good music

                      Whether you’re looking for a playlist for a holiday party, baby or bridal shower, or a perfect soundtrack for an afternoon brunch with friends, Spotify has tons of great playlists to keep the party going. Keep the sound at a comfortable level so you can chat with your guests. (See party tip #1 for a reminder about why this is very important.)


                          6. Always serve dessert 
                            If your guests are searching for desert, they will likely stop and nothing to find a cure for their craving. This is including, but not limited to, leaving early.  You don’t need to overdo it with desert but a chocolate martini or some mini cupcakes are sure to please. Even something as simple as a serving dish filled with candy can go a long way! Trust us. 

                                  7. Keep games on hand 
                                    It’s always good to keep a simple board game on standby or keep a stack of cards on deck just in case liquid courage turns your soiree into game night. 


                                      At the end of the night, simple is sensational. Good food, good friends, and great drinks. It’s the simple recipe for a great party. 

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