New Year's Resolutions Ideas 2020

Let’s make some resolutions, shall we? Something you can actually keep. Much like a mint mojito, resolutions should give you a refreshing outlook on life. Sure, working out five times a week sounds like a nice idea, but come February, that plan will be bulldozed by Valentine’s Day Chocolates and candy hearts. (Sorry, but it’s true.) 

The trick to sticking to your resolutions is to keep it simple and, above all, realistic. Lucky for you, these 2020 resolutions are not only easy to keep, but they will help to lift your spirits for the 365 days ahead! 

Less sugary treats, more natural sweets 

We are the first to admit that we love sugar, but we are trying to tame our sweet tooth in 2020. Whether it’s fruit-filled breakfast plate or a fruit-infused cocktail, adding some good, healthy fruit to your diet as a replacement for sugary sweets is a great resolution to keep you healthy in the new year. (Bye bye donuts and sugar-coated cocktail glasses).

Say ‘no’ to plastic, and ‘yes’ to reusable 

Who uses single use plastic in 2020? Honestly, it is the easiest resolution ever. Carry reusable straws, to-go mugs, and reusable water bottles with you wherever you go and ditch plastic for good. Say ‘no thanks’ to straws when you’re out to dinner or sipping happy hour cocktails at a bar. This feel-good resolution is so easy you can do it with your eyes closed. 

Save money, host a pre-game

When you mix and mingle with friends at home you save money AND can ensure you arrive at the same time. No more awkwardly making small talk with the bartender or bouncer while waiting for friends. And say goodbye to the shocking tab you racked up in a few short hours. Pro tip: Slip on a bangle flask before you head out the door and you’re bill will be less than zero and your bank account will be flowing. 

Learn to make the perfect martini

This classic cocktail is so easy to make (only two ingredients!), but practice makes perfect. You can make it dry, with a twist, with vodka (or gin!). Have a little fun with martini-making and create your own signature cocktail. This classic recipe is simply just good to know and a fun way to impress your friends. 

Life is short, throw more parties 

Before you know it, we will be counting down to 2021, and what will you remember? We can tell you what you WON'T remember: the calories you cut, the times you went to the gym, or the hours you spent catching up on sleep. You will simply remember the good times you had with your dear friends and family, so send a group text to your closest buddies and plan a party! Shoot for once a season, or every six weeks. The more thoughtfully you are about planning the occurrence the more likely it will happen. 

Here’s to 2020. May your new year be filled with good times, great laughs and fantastic drinks.

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